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This Week at St. John's

Welcome to St. John's Lutheran Church

At St. John's, we want to help you know God better, feel a sense of belonging by building meaningful relationships, and to be encouraged to thrive with a more productive and meaningful life.

Visit us any time--for weekly worship, special events or Bible studies. We assure you that there is a place for you at St. John's Lutheran Church.

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September 24 - Sun         

   8:00 am    LISTEN TO WORSHIP 

                    ON KKIN (94.3FM) 

   9:00 am    Worship 

                    Fellowship & Coffee

 10:15 am   Sunday School

 10:15 am   Adult Bible Study

     1:30 pm   Women's Bible Study

September 24 - Tue         

September 27 - Wed         

    8:00 am   Men's Bible Study

    3:30 pm   Confirmation

    5:00 pm   ACT

    6:00 pm   Choir

October 1 - Sun          

   8:00 am    LISTEN TO WORSHIP 

                    ON KKIN (94.3FM) 

   9:00 am    Worship / Communion

                    Fellowship & Coffee

 10:15 am    Sunday School 

 10:15 am    Adult Bible Study

 10:15 am    Apple Peeling

 12:30 pm    Family Day at Gilby's 

                    Apple Orchard

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